Thesis-Driven Scholarly Non-Fiction (Shark) RSS feed for public list Thesis-Driven Scholarly Non-Fiction (Shark) A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present./ by Zinn, Howard. A people's history of the United States./ by Zinn, Howard. Drive : by Pink, Daniel H. Eichmann in Jerusalem./ by Arendt, Hannah. Freakonomics./ by Levitt, Steven D. Free To Choose: A Personal Statement./ by Friedman, Milton Guns, germs, and steel : by Diamond, Jared M. Leading Minds: an anatomy of leadership./ Outliers./ by Gladwell, Malcolm. Stiffed: the betrayal of the American Man./ by Faludi, Susan. Super Freakonomics./ by Levitt, Steven D. Technology: The Surrender of Culture./ by Postman, Neil The Death and Life of the Great American School System./ by Ravitch, Diane. The Rape of Nanking./ by Chang, Iris. The Shock Doctrine./ by Klein, Naomi. The Sixth Extinction. by Kolbert, Elizabeth. The smartest kids in the world : by Ripley, Amanda, The Tipping Point: How Little Things can Make a Big Difference./ by Gladwell, Malcolm. The tyranny of the meritocracy : by Guinier, Lani, The World Is Flat./ by Friendman, Thomas L. Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man./ by Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.