New for November 2018 RSS feed for public list New for November 2018 1947 : by Asbrink, Elisabeth. A court of frost and starlight / by Maas, Sarah J. American dialogue : by Ellis, Joseph J. American sonnets for my past and future assassin / by Hayes, Terrance. Artemis : by Weir, Andy. Atom land : by Butterworth, Jon. Beyond trans : by Davis, Heath Fogg. Bridge of Clay / by Zusak, Markus. Elastic : by Mlodinow, Leonard, Fadeaway / by Stokes, Maura Ellen. Fear : by Woodward, Bob, From bacteria to Bach and back : by Dennett, D. C. How emotions are made : by Barrett, Lisa Feldman. I am still alive / by Marshall, Kate Alice. Lock in / by Scalzi, John, Not that bad : Reader, come home : by Wolf, Maryanne. Robots vs fairies / Sea prayer / by Hosseini, Khaled. Soon : by Santella, Andrew. Strange stars : by Heller, Jason. The afterlives : by Pierce, Thomas, The coddling of the American mind : by Lukianoff, Greg. The dead eye and the deep blue sea : by Vannak, Prum. The fighters : by Chivers, C. J. The pursuit of endurance : by Davis, Jennifer Pharr. Tinderbox : by Fieseler, Robert W. Tomorrow will be different : by McBride, Sarah,