New Books for December 2018 RSS feed for public list New Books for December 2018 A blade so black / by McKinney, L. L. A kind of mirraculas paradise : by Allen, Sandra Ambush / by Patterson, James, And the ocean was our sky / by Ness, Patrick, Basketball: a love story / by MacMullan, Jackie. Brave Chef Brianna. / by Sykes, Sam, Brothers of the gun : by Hisham, Marwan. Call me American : by Iftin, Abdi Nor. Dry / by Shusterman, Neal. Grocery : by Ruhlman, Michael, How to break up with your phone / by Price, Catherine, It's better than it looks : by Easterbrook, Gregg. Lost connections : by Hari, Johann. Muse of nightmares / by Taylor, Laini Rising : by Rush, Elizabeth A. Sapiens : by Harari, Yuval N. Someday / by Levithan, David Summer Bird Blue / by Bowman, Akemi Dawn The addiction solution : by Sederer, Lloyd I. The agony house / by Priest, Cherie. The desert and the sea : by Moore, Michael Scott. The reckoning / by Grisham, John The rules of magic / by Hoffman, Alice. The seabird's cry : by Nicolson, Adam, The shift : by Carleton, Russell A. The sympathizer / by Nguyen, Viet Thanh, These truths : by Lepore, Jill, Trail of lightning / by Roanhorse, Rebecca. Upon further review : White American youth : by Picciolini, Christian.